Thank you for donating! Your support greatly helps Pixelblock and allows us to continually improve our server! Our store offers the following: Ranks, Crate keys, Claim blocks, and Extra perks.

Vote Rewards

Furthermore, almost everything that you can see in the store is can also be unlocked without spending any money at all! Surprising, I know! To simply unlock these awesome perks you can vote with /vote to earn our own voting currency to spend on various donation items/perks.

Please Note

Please note that all purchases are final. Purchases will not be refunded if you are banned or muted on the server for breaking our rules. Also, make sure to correctly input your Minecraft Name before making purchases so we can ensure the correct player receives the package. Completion of orders typically takes between 1-5 Minutes. If you would like to place a custom order, contact RockinMC on discord