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Package Description

MVP Rank

This rank (MVP) is permanent, it never expires!

Receives all VIP, VIP+, Pro, and Pro+ perks & commands.

MVP Commands:

  • /tptoggle (toggle the ability to receive teleports from players)
  • /fireball (shoot a firey ball at an enemy)
  • /condense (turn ores into blocks)
  • /near (view all nearby players)
  • /book (ability to edit signed books)
  • /music
  • /pets

Additional Perks:

  • Access to all previous rank perks (VIP, VIP+, Pro, & Pro+)
  • Access to Unlimited player warps
  • Access to Unlimited homes
  • Be able to list Unlimited items on player shop
  • Access to ALL Particle & Effects (make your character’s aura sparkle)
  • Can disguise as an Enderdragon