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Package Description

Pro Rank

This rank (Pro) is permanent, it never expires!

Receives all VIP & VIP+ perks & commands. 

Pro Commands:

  • /anvil (use anvil from anywhere)
  • /grindstone (use grindstone from anywhere)
  • /stonecutter (use stonecutter from anywhere)
  • /feed (feed yourself when needed)
  • /beecannon (make bees fly)
  • /status
  • /smithingtable

Additional Perks:

  • Access to a backpack (5 rows)
  • Access to 5 player warps
  • Access to 15 homes
  • Be able to list 75 items on the player shop
  • Access to 30 Particle & Effects (make your character’s aura sparkle)
  • Access to sign formatting & sign colors
  • Ravager and Glow Squid disguises